Innis & Gunn Original clone

I stumbled upon this recipe by accident. It was my first brew. I received a Coopers craft brew kit, which had a Bewitched Amber Ale brewing extract in it. I thought I should pimp it up a little. So, I added honey and brown sugar to it(the recipe is at the bottom of the page). After bottling and bottle aging. I gave a bottle to a friend, who’s a big Innis & Gunn drinker. When he tried the beer he said, “It taste exactly like Innis & Gunn”.


Batch size 8,5 L

  • 1 can of Coopers Bewitched Amber Ale brewing extract 1,3kg
  • Yeast that came with the extract
  • Honey 250g 
  • Brown sugar 185g 

I recommend doing a dry run to get the water mixing right. Boil 8L water for 15 minutes and cool to that it’s cold. Boil 5L for 15 minutes. Pour 2-3L of the cold water first into the fermenter. Then pour the extract into the fermenter. Pour some hot water in the can to get the last of the syrup out. Pour cold or hot water to get the right temperature until you get 8,5L. Ferment the brewing extract for 4 days at 22C. On the fourth day, make a syrup of the honey and brown sugar with a little water. Cool it down to 20C, then add to fermenter. Lower fermentation temperature to 20C. Ferment for 5 days then bottle. Let it bottle condition for 3 months. Then enjoy.